Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sissy's (Dallas)

Whenever I go back home (Dallas), I always like to try at least one new restaurant. Since I don't keep up with the restaurant scene in Dallas, my cousin usually picks the spot - her choices never disappoint. About 80% of the time, I want Southern cooking. This time we went to Sissy's Southern Kitchen located on Henderson.  The space is charming, not too pretentious for Dallas, service was on point (I never get bad service in the South!), and food was satisfying.  If it's any indication how popular this place is, it was packed on a cold and rainy Monday night.  Reservations in advance are recommended.

We started off with the deviled eggs - easily one of my favorite appetizers.  Sissy's version was a nice twist because it was topped with caviar...

The most popular dish on the menu - the fried chicken.  I am pretty picky about my chicken, and this passed the test.  Crispy on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside.  Perfect!!

Better than sex chocolate cake...that's the name of the dessert, not my words!  It was delicious and addicting anyhow.  

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